Notable Witchy Books - Week of April 1, 2013

I hate to see this page languish in-betwixt the Halloween seasons, so I thought I'd update occasionally with some of the more intriguing and noteable books in the charts. Of course, some are free for your budget reading pleasure. Enjoy!

To Have and To Code (A Witch Central Romance) [Kindle Edition] by Debora Geary
$3.99 (Already has over 200 5-star reviews)

Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft (YA Paranormal Romance) [Kindle Edition] by Jody Gehrman
FREE (as of 4/3/2013)

Chasing the Witch (Boston Witches) [Kindle Edition] by Jessica Gibson
FREE (as of 4/3/2013)

Ever After (Hollows) [Kindle Edition] by Kim Harrison
$12.79 (with over 500 4-and-5 star reviews)

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